Maybe you’re okay but I’m not

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"I miss you. I do." She whispered over the phone.

"But if I spend all of my time waiting for you, whole seasons will pass without me noticing, and you may be beautiful, but you will never be more beautiful than the first snowflakes of winter or the summer light cascading through the windows."

"I could wait for an eternity if only I knew you were coming," she said, "But time is precious, and darling you are not worth the spring blossoms. You are not worth the autumn leaves."

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Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry.

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*dips your opinion in salsa and eats it*

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i love birthdays they’re so motivational like if i can manage to keep myself alive for another year ill get money and cake

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becoming a parent means being the one to get the wasp out of the room and idk if i’m prepared to do that

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when u and ur friends make plans


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